Welcome to Sommerville Kids Klub!

The Administration, Director and Staff of Sommerville Kids Klub welcome you, your family and your child to a place of enrichment, learning and fun. Sommerville Kids klub is dedicated to providing quality enrichment along with meeting the needs of your family. Sommerville Kids Klub employs a staff that is devoted to the education and well being of your child in an environment that is safe, clean and stimulating. We know that the experiences you and your child have while at Sommerville Kids Klub will be superb!

Our Mission

We strive to get children K-Middle School out of their sets and teach them lessons about healthy eating, physical activity through enrichment classes, teamwork and goal setting.

Why we do what we do?

Childhood overweight and obesity, and related health problems have risen dramatically since the early 1980's. Yet many children are undernourished and are not consuming the vital nutrients they need for health and learning. At Sommerville Kids Klub we get them up and moving while they learn to make healthy choices aboout their own nutrition and physical activity habits.

Welcome to the Sommerville Kids Klub family!


Sommerville Kids Klub has a "Back-to-Basics" approach when working with children, allowing them to reach their full potential for proper growth and development without feeling pressured to compete with their peers. We provide scheduled enrichment classes, outdoor play, and free play within a consistent routine.

A child's environment significantly influences his or her development and growth. Therefore, Sommerville Kids Klub has gone to great lengths to create an environment that is clean, secure and stimulating. Throughout our many enrichment areas, we utilize a hands-on approach to learning. Equipped with age-appropriate activities, our teachers are skilled and prepared to make each opportunity a learning experience for your child. This discovery process provides the building blocks necessary to promote your child's physical, social and emotional development.

At Sommerville Kids Klub, your child is a member of a club designed specifically to meet their needs and yours. We offer martial arts, several types of dance, and yoga. We provide a place that is open 5 days a week, that operates during early mornings and in the evenings, has flexible scheduling for enrollment, and of course a caring staff!

Pick Up and Field Trip Info

At Sommerville Kids Klub we take your child's safety and security very seriously. Our facility was designed to provide a high level of security, while maintaining proper emergency exit capabilities.

High Security & Sign In/Out Procedure

Children and parents can only enter or exit through the main reception area, allowing the greatest degree of security possible. All parents must sign their child in when bringing their child to Sommerville Kids Klub and must sign their child out when picking up their child. This officially transfers responsibility from parent to Sommerville Kids Klub and back to parent. Parents who do not sign out will be billed until closing.

Field Trip Provisions

A variety of field trips will be offered to all members of Sommerville Kids Klub. Parents will be notified of each field trip in advance. Parents are welcome to join Sommerville Kids Klub on all scheduled field trips. Summer/Winter/Spring Camp kids will be participating in off-site field trips to various locations. The field trips will depart as early as 9am and will return by the 5pm pick up time.

Food Service

Smoothies and nutritious snacks are available for purchase throughout the day at the world famous Kids Klub Cafe. Over the summer your child may bring their lunch or participate in the lunch program for an additional charge.

Policy on Junk-food

As Sommerville Kids Klub promotes nutrition and making healthy choices for its members, children should not bring gum, candy or other junk food items to the club. For special occasions (i.e. birthdays and holidays) Kids Klub will allow muffins, cookies, cakes and other treats to be served.

Birthday Parties

Your child's birthday may be observed at Sommerville Kids Klub. Please discuss it with our front desk personnel first. Parties can only be held at regularly scheduled snack time to avoid interference with their regular curriculum.

Shuttle Service

Sommerville Kids Klub provides transportation with our own vans and buses for the after-school program. Children from local public and private schools are picked up during the school year from their schools and brought to Sommerville Kids Klub for after-school care. After-school shuttle service is available within a 5-mile radius of Sommerville Kids Klub. Parents needing pick-up service outside of the 5-mile pick up zone may incur additional charges. The shuttles are also used for field trips. Drivers are trained and licensed to ensure the safe transportation of your child.